The Dons make music for those who want to move and be moved. Tapping the disciplines of funk, rock, and R&B, these four Dons (Donahue, Donatello, Dontè, Dohnson) bounce between soulful ballads and infectious slammers, ornamented with intricate harmonies and precise horn hits.

Common reactions to The Dons’ music are palpitations, uncontrollable swaying, and spontaneous pregnancy.

Ask your physician if your heart is healthy enough to experience The Dons.


Brother Dohnson

Also known as DJ or Don Juan.

Dohnson is the backbone to the group providing the drums and vocals, he is definitely the wild one and is the rebel out of all of us. Don’t let that smile fool, this don is slick!

- Gemini
- Drives it like he stole it
- Likes to play sneaky balls



Also known as Té. 

Completing the rhythm section of the The Dons, Té holds the low end with a heavy hand. This Don is the philosophical one of the bunch. By the ends night, Té will have you asking “What doth life?”

Pisces -
Always fashionably late -
Measurements: 55-26-55 -



also known as Tello. 

Tello is is the real deal holyfield, the thriller in Manilla, the freek in the sheets. Brother Tello is the playboy and the romancer of the group.

He came out of the womb singing Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, DeBarge, and Bobby Caldwell. His other natural gifts would be being the heart for The Dons and holding down the melodies vocally and instrumentally. 

- Aries
- His d**k is only slightly smaller than his heart
- Nature boy



also known as Hue.

Scientifically, it cannot be proven but we are pretty sure this Don is a time traveler and is actually from the 1970s. Hue is the mysterious one and provides the funky and soulful guitar for The Dons as well as supplying the group with endless amounts of deep cuts.

Capricorn -
Perpetually high -
Shoved his fist in Elvis’s ass in 57' -